Art Therapy

This journey actually started for me a few years back. I knew that God was trying to get my attention on some things that were locked up inside of me. I said, “Sorry God, I don’t think so.”  This went on for quite some time until one night I knew I needed to sit down and draw. I tried to get all spiritual acting like I am okay with this, when deep inside I was terrified.

I did my thing and it was life changing. I am also a musician and a song writer and when I play it is totally a sacred place that I feel really safe in. When I do my art thing, it feels like it too is a  sacred place that feels really safe.

One thing my teacher said that really stuck with me and I am not sure if it was her own thoughts or something she got from her years of training. But, she kept saying this one line over and over again that seemed to echo as I was leaving class. “Art does not lie.”


About shortymagee

I am at a stage in my life where I want to write about things that inspire me. One of those things is a recent Introduction to Art Therapy class I took at my college.
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