Anger. I have been doing research on anger for a long time now. I grew up in a typical Irish family where anger was a given. In my family you fight or you die. While growing up I tried every way I could to avoid this monster from what I would call the red lagoon. Red representing anger. So it was not until a few years ago that I discovered that stuffing the anger was not a very smart thing to do as I saw it as trying to sit on a ball under water. It will pop up somewhere.

It was not until I starting taking psychology classes at college that I learned of the many different faces of anger. And it was not until I found a christian psychiatrist who said that that anger should not be your enemy but a friend. Then I started looking at some other christian shrinks and they all seemed to make more sense than the stuff I was getting from my text books and professors.


About shortymagee

I am at a stage in my life where I want to write about things that inspire me. One of those things is a recent Introduction to Art Therapy class I took at my college.
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