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I recently was introduced to a new product for skin care that is really hot right now. The story goes this young teenager started looking up all of the ingredients in all of her household skin care in the and found out some of the ingredients were toxic. Then she discovered that in Europe they ban a lot of ingredients that are not banned here in the our country. Around that same time frame my professor at my local college gave us an assignment for that very same data base. Our assignment was to go home and check out our skin care products. It was a real eye opener. In fact the whole class on environmental science was kind of scary.

In 2009 Ava Anderson decided to do something about it and started her own Non Toxic skin care and make up company. My background is in cosmetology so I know a little bit about this subject in fact I have used straight Aloe Vera gel and organic grape seed oil on my skin for years now.To be honest it was the ingredients in this new product that sold me.

Ava Anderson was one of the five finalist in the Entrepreneur of the year in 2011. I think that this is really exciting and this new business is young who knows where this is going. This could change the face of our skin care products as we know it.



About shortymagee

I am at a stage in my life where I want to write about things that inspire me. One of those things is a recent Introduction to Art Therapy class I took at my college.
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