Young teen starts her own skin care company

Meet Ava Anderson…

by Jane Shin Park Follow @TeenVogue February 22, 2010

“She may be just 16 years old, but Rhode Island-native Ava Anderson is already a budding beauty entrepreneur. It all began a couple of years ago when Ava first heard about the potential dangers of using chemical-laden cosmetics and skincare products. “Mainstream knowledge is telling teens to eat well, be healthy, and take care of their bodies, but instead, we’re moving two steps backwards by using these unsafe beauty products. The chemicals in them are getting into our bloodstream!” she says. After doing months of research into “organic” and “natural” brands, she was disappointed to find that many of them still contained some chemicals. So, the ambitious teen took matters into her own hands and decided to create her own 100% non-toxic skincare line. And when she says it’s completely non-toxic, she means it. “Every single ingredient in every one of my products scores a ‘0’ on the Cosmetic Database’s 0 to 10 toxicity scale,” she assures, and she didn’t skimp on formula quality either: The products feel fantastic on the skin and smell really fresh, too, thanks to yummy citrus and spearmint oils. To learn more about Ava, her line, and how you can get involved, check out

Hi friends,

A year ago I had a environmental science class at my local college.The class was a real eye opener. One day our professor gave us an assignment to look up our household skin care on the It was shocking to see what was in our skin care.

But, Ava took what she learned from the same database and started a company. How cool is that. I have known from the years I was a hairstylist that a lot of our beauty products were loaded with chemicals that no one knew how to pronounce let alone spell. So I am thrilled that someone stepped up to the plate and did something about it and I am especially excited that it was a teenager.

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