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Art Therapy.

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The reason I am writing about anger is that I see it everywhere I look. And the psych guys say what ever you are struggling with will be magnified in others. When I said that I was a teacher I am a Sunday school teacher which is a little bit different than a public school teacher. I can calm kids down but I am at a loss as to how to show them how to deal their strong emotions that happen when you get in trouble. I am thinking that there must be a good anger that motivates us to do good. I remember in the first Spider man movie that came out in 2003, Peter did not know he had any special powers until his uncle gets killed. And the look on his face when he saw the robber he had just let go.  I remember the voice of his uncle saying remember Peter with great power comes great responsibly.

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Anger Management can we do this in gradeschool?

I took an online psychology course a couple of years ago and the group I was in did a project on school shootings. We went back to the 60’s and heard about people who were emotionally abused all their lives who then went nuts and went on a shooting spree. I think now we hear so much of  that same story that it is not news anymore.

I am a teacher and I see these kids growing up trying to stuff their anger while I am trying to process mine. I wonder what life would have been like if I was taught how to deal with anger before others taught me how. Which makes me think why don’t we start teaching our kids that anger is an emotion that is not an enemy and to fight but an enemy to embrace.

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